Spring naar de inhoud

Let us thrill your senses:
Herbird, the new gourmand soda

Not every bubbly juice thrills the senses. Not every soft drink brings the invigorating ‘sparkle’ of a summer shower. We, Eldrid and Kevin, want every bottle to fulfil its purpose; we deliver the quality to guarantee total indulgence. Balanced flavours, infused with the dedication of a culinary artist, unfold sip after sip. Where other sodas call for big gulps, we master moderation – the focus is on ‘delight’ rather than ‘demand’.

Take the time to let nature’s subtle notes of fruits and herbs manifest itself in an expansive palette. Those who look for value, have been waiting for this: a non-alcoholic extract that brings distinctive accents to any table, complementing delicious dishes and even appetising conversations.


A ray of sunshine, an occasional refreshing breeze and a hint of fully bloomed fruit trees. Yes, we are sharing the taste experience of our very first flavour. A certain lightness of herbs and blossoming perfume of elderflower in the back palate, alongside the apple-rhubarb core. All of which are sure to delight any occasion: heart-warming as an appetiser before or during meals, refreshing as a savoury mixer on spring evenings or effervescent when something out of the ordinary is called for.

Serving tip:

Frost an elegant glass and fill it with ice cubes. For extra bliss, garnish the drink with an apple slice, mint leaf, a strawberry and/or rhubarb.

Take a sip
Bottle of Herbird Apple-Rhubarb soda

A newly brewed name

Herbird. The handwritten logo bubbles up the cheerful and remarkable spirit of our family brand. To highlight that homegrown zest as well as emphasise the intrinsic flavour of herbs in our gourmand soda, we have blended the words ‘herbs’ and ‘bird’ – a literal translation of our last name ‘(Vinde)vogel’ – into a tantalising, refined brew:

Handwritten logo of Herbird

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